Tina Mainieri joined the Kretzler Lab in 2015 as the NEPTUNE Consortium Project Manager. In her current role, she develops and implements project management and operational processes for the NEPTUNE Data and Coordinating Center, Pilot and Ancillary Studies Program, and Career Development Program. She provides oversight of consortium policies and activities to facilitate translational research opportunities with its investigators, successful achievement of grant objectives, and close coordination with the RDCRN on programmatic requirements. Ms. Mainieri holds a master’s degree in applied social psychology and survey methodology from The Claremont Graduate School. Prior to joining NEPTUNE, Ms. Mainieri managed large-scale population studies in economics and public policy at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, and hospital-based clinical care studies at the VA Center for Clinical Management Research. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, and knitting.